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Trout's Corral has quite a selection of horses.

C.E.R.T has a variety of horses available for lessons.

And a couple in training.

For those interested, we even created a pedigree page.

Scroll down the page for more information about the horses.

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"Ruby" is our Belgian draft horse. She is 16.3 hands and weighs around 1700 pounds.
She loves kisses and head scratches. Ruby is happy riding, driving or just playing in the dirt.

Ruby was born in 1999.
Ruby is Sorrel in color.

Ruby 002.jpg (5655 bytes)                               Ruby 003.jpg (8443 bytes)                               Ruby 001.jpg (6974 bytes)

"Chewy" is our Haflinger Pony. She is registered and has had several babies in her lifetime.
Now she's our head lesson horse. At 13.2 hands and 1100 pounds she's ready to carry anyone, big or small.

Chewy was born April 22, 1991.
Chewy is Light Sorrel in color.

Chewy 002.jpg (8393 bytes)                               Chewy 001.jpg (6697 bytes)

"Kash" is the first guy in the group. He's a registered Arabian horse.
Kash is 15 hands tall and has come a long way since Cori purchased him as a project horse.

He is a typical Arabian and loves to pester anyone he can find.
Kash was born May 3, 1997.
Kash is Bay in color.

Kash 001.jpg (8039 bytes)                                                                                                

"Cinnamon" is a people horse. She was born in December 2006.
Her father is a Missouri Fox Trotter and her mother is a Foundation Quarter Horse.
She's 15.2 hands currently. She saddles, trailers and ponies quite well.
We raised her from birth and she is doing great under saddle..

Cinnamon is Chestnut in color.

Cinnamon 001.jpg (7967 bytes)                               Cinnamon 002.jpg (10122 bytes)                               Cinnamon 003.jpg (10263 bytes)

"Kitt" is a fun horse . Kitt is a Norwegian Fjord draft pony (pronounced Fee-yord).
She is registered in both Canada and the U.S.
Kitt is 14.1 hands tall and weighs about 1100 pounds.

She is always "getting into trouble and mischief" so Kitt now stands for Konstantly In Terrible Trouble.
Kitt was born August 6, 2005.

Kitt 001.jpg (8119 bytes)                               Kitt 002.jpg (8540 bytes)                              

"Sunny" is Cinnamon's mom. She's a registered Foundation Quarter horse.
She is 15.3 hands and weighs 1300 pounds. Sunny is a Golden Palomino.

We often refer to her as "the Pumpkin horse."
She has a typical "western pleasure" Quarter horse trot. Meaning she goes nowhere but she does it fast.
Sunny was born May 7, 2001.

Sunny 001.jpg (7954 bytes)                               Sunny 002.jpg (8204 bytes)                                                                          

"Charm-N" is our stout mare. She is a Percheron draft horse.
She is 16 hands and weighs 1850 pounds. She is black with a tiny star on her forehead.
She rides and drives and most horses have to trot to keep up with her walk.
We purchased her with Jed from the Flying B Ranch but she has the same brand as Panda.

The Clark's at the Double Nickel Ranch were glad to help us learn more about her.
Charm-N was born in 1999. Her mom was named "Pecos Black Pearl" and her dad was named "Houston".

Morgan 001.jpg (15744 bytes)                              Charm-N 002.jpg (25724 bytes)                               Charm-N 004.jpg (22016 bytes)


Tru-D is the youngster of the group. She is a Belgian / Haflinger cross. Tru-D was born in April 2014.
After Zetahra passed away it was a real treat to find Tru-D. Cori will have her hands full training this new filly.
Chris and Cori hope to have her driving and riding at the approriate age with many years of adventures to come.

             Tru-D 004.jpg (36724 bytes)                    Tru-D 006.jpg (23643 bytes)                    Tru-D004.jpg (107232 bytes)


Jasper is a Registered Belgian draft horse. We purchased him from H Factor Belgians in October 2107.
He was born in March 2017. Jasper currently is 17.2 hands tall and weighs about 1300 pounds.
Jasper will eventually be trained to ride and drive and take Ruby's place as our favorite Belgian.

 Jasper001.jpg (110529 bytes)                             Jasper002.jpg (130775 bytes)                  


Talon was purchased in January 2019. She is a registered Percheron draft horse. She came from Trippcrest Farm.
She was born in April 2015. Talon is 17 hands and about 1600 pounds.
Talon is trained to drive and will eventually be trained to ride. She will eventually take Charm-N's place.

Talon001.jpg (116078 bytes)                             Talon002.jpg (67246 bytes)                       

Zeke is our newest addition. He is a Percheron draft horse and was born on April 4, 2019.
His registered name is T.C. Blue Phoenix. Talon delivered Zeke shortly after we purchased her.
We have enjoyed watching him grow and look forward to training and raising him.

Zeke001.jpg (105216 bytes)



Thankfully, Our horse herd is now complete.

We look forward to training and utilizing our friends for many years to come.