Horse Costs


A lot of people wonder how much it costs to own a horse.

It's been said that the least expensive part of owning a horse is the amount paid to purchase it.
The price of a horse is typically based on breed, registration, training, age, tempermant and skills.
Some sellers charge more for "color." Some charge more for "flashy-ness."
In the end, the price should not be the main focus.
The buyer should focus more on what they "need" in a horse and less on how much it costs.

- - -    Find the right horse and it will be priced correctly.   - - -



After purchasing the horse the real costs become more clear.

First, you need a place to keep the horse.
Second, you need to feed and water the horse.
Third, the horse will have to see the farrier - usually every six weeks.
Fourth, the horse will need to see the vet - at least every six months.
Fifth, tack - it can get expensive.
Sixth, horse manure?
Seventh, the horse trailer?
Eight, training costs - for you and / or the horse?

The expenses can quickly add up.
Soon the horse's price tag seems cheap in comparison.


We've tried to break down our monthly costs per horse below.
Hopefully, it gives you an idea of the costs related to keeping a horse.


A few notes:

Our horses get a psyllium product mixed with oats one week out of the month.
The farrier is on a six week rotation but our amount is based on a 4 week time frame.
Teeth get done every two years. We save monthly.
Shots / worming are done every six / three months. We save monthly.
We have a monthly emergency fund also.



Hay - Alfalfa and Bermuda


Farrier - no horseshoes










Shots / Wormer


Trash service - manure




Monthly Costs per Horse: