Horse Breeds


Trout's Corral is home to a variety of horse breeds.

Each breed has unique qualities.

Below you can find information on each breed found in the Corral.



Flag-SaudiArabia.jpg (2325 bytes)

Our first horse was "Kash" a registered Arabian horse.

Arabian horses are primarily from Saudi Arabia and the Middle East.

They are the oldest domestic horse breed in the world. Arab's are known for

their endurance and athletic ability. They are typically 14 and 15 hands tall.


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Our second addition was "Chewy" a registered Haflinger.

Haflinger Ponies are from Austria. They are always chestnut with flaxen

colored mane and tail. They are known for a loving and forgiving tempermant.

Haflingers are sure footed and originally bred for work in mountainous areas.

They range in size from 13.2 to 15 hands tall.

When Cori decided to teach riding lessons we began looking for a "small" lesson horse.

Chris found Chewy and once Cori "test rode" her they knew she was perfect.

Over the years she has become the "best lesson horse ever".


Flag-Belgium.jpg (758 bytes)

Our third addition was "Ruby" a Belgian Draft Horse.

Belgian Drafts originated from Belgium.  In Belgium they are called a "Brabant".

Brabant's are thicker and heavier than American Belgians.

Belgians are large horses bred for farm work. Because of their size, they also are used for

pulling competitions.

They have a gentle disposition and are willing workers.

Belgians have some "feathering" at the base of their legs.

"Brabants" can be found in a variety of colors.

However, most American Belgians are chestnut colored.

They can be 16 to 19 hands tall and some even taller.

Chris liked draft horses and needed a trail riding horse. They found Ruby while looking

at a Clydesdale. The Clyde had huge feet. Chris saw Ruby and after several

test rides decided to bring Ruby home. She's a perfect trail horse and lesson horse.


Flag-France.jpg (991 bytes) 

Our Fourth addition was "Panda" a registered Pinto Draft Horse.

A Pinto Draft is simply a "colored" Draft horse. Pinto Drafts are usually white and black.

Panda is a Percheron Draft horse with white markings. Percheron Draft horses are from France.

Percherons were originally bred for farming. The Percheron Horse Association of America is the

largest draft horse association in the world. They range between 15 and 19 hands tall.

They are known for a more refined, smaller head than other draft breeds.

Percherons are known for their pleasing disposition, alertness and "proudness".

Panda was purchased at an auction. Chris was excited and after seeing her in action decided

a black and white percheron was the right addition. They knew she'd could do well in dressage,

or trail riding.


Flag-Norway.jpg (2169 bytes)

Our Fifth addition was "Kitt" a registered Norwegian Fjord horse (pony).

Kitt is registered with the Canadian Fjord Horse Association and the Norwegian Fjord Horse Registry

As the name implies Fjords are originally from Norway.

They are known for their versatility. They are often called "the little horse with a big heart".

Fjords have very dense hair coats and stiff mane and tail hair to help with the extreme cold found

in Norway.  Fjords are only dun colored. However there are five variations of dun.

Most are brown dun. Their mane and tail are white with a black stripe down the middle.

They are usually 13.2 to 14.2 hands tall but very stocky and can carry adults with ease.

Kitt was purchased by Cori who thought Fjords looked "cool". When they heard several were fo sale

Cori couldn't resist bringing her home. Kitt will eventually take over the main lesson horse role when

it is time for Chewy to retire.


Flag-Netherlands.jpg (899 bytes)

Our Sixth addition was "Zetahra". A unique name for a unique breed.

Zetahra is half Pinto Percheron Draft Horse and half Friesian.

She is registered as both a Friesian Heritage Horse and a Pinto Draft Horse.

Pinto Percherons are a variation of the French Percheron.

The Friesian breed is primarily found in the Netherlands.

Purebred Friesians are all black. They are known for their long, thick mane and

tail hair which is sometimes wavy. They also have "feathering" at the feet.

Friesians were the choice of Knights in medieval times.

They display a flashy, elevated movement. Frieisans are the only horse breed native

to the Netherlands.

Friesians range from 15.2 to 16 hands tall.

Cori developed a fondness for the flashy Friesian and when they found a stallion near home

they couldn't resist breeding to him. Since Panda had great conformation, mane and tail they new

the combination would be great.


Flag-France.jpg (991 bytes)

Our Seventh and eighth additions are "Charm-N" and "Jed" both Percheron Draft Horses.

Percheron Drafts are from France and are also known as "the Norman Horse".

The Percheron was bred for work in tough clay soil.

They are black or grey in color.  Percherons can often have small white markings on their

heads or legs. The breed was first imported to the U.S. in 1839.

At one time there were more Percherons in the U.S. than all other draft breeds combined.

Chris and Cori wanted a horse they could use while at the ranch in Utah. They knew draft horses

had excellent temperaments and began searching for a "smaller draft". When they found Charm-N

they knew she fit all their criteria. As for Jed, well, he was just too cool to pass up and since Cori had started

driving training they knew he'd work out just fine for riding or driving.


Flag-US.jpg (5213 bytes)

Our extra lesson horse is "Sunny" a registered Foundation Quarter Horse.

Quarter Horses originated from the United States of America.

They are known for their speed over short distances. The first stallion registered was "Wimpy".

Sunny's pedigree includes numerous foundation horses such as Wimpy, Doc Bar, and Mr. San Peppy.

Quarter horses are used for a variety of light activities. They are bred to work cattle.

Chris actually purchased Sunny before Ruby. But he remained fond of draft horses and

when the opportunity came along to purchase Ruby he sold Sunny to his parents.