Panda's Baby:




We bred Panda on April 19, 2009 to a Registered Friesian.

"Baby Panda" was born Saturday April 10, 2010 at 10:00pm.

She was 30 inches around,  36 inches tall and 28 inches long.

Baby Panda weighed about 76 pounds.

We finally decided on a name for her.

We named her "Zetahra" for the "Ah" factor.

And we call her "Z".

Zetahra passed away August 16, 2014.

She will be greatly missed


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Father: Hedzer

Mother: Panda


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Baby: Zetahra

Registered as "Verhaengnis"


More Pictures of "Z"


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"Z" after her first full body bath.

She is starting to get feathering (feet hair).

Zetahra is 8 weeks old and about 200 pounds.

Zetahra 003.jpg (52696 bytes)
Baby horses grow in spurts. Their front-end grows a little

and then their rear-end grows a little.

That's why Z's rear-end is a lot higher than her

front right now.

Eventually, she will be close to the same height front and back.

Zetahra 004.jpg (58150 bytes)

Zetahra 005.jpg (50289 bytes)

Zetahra is 3 months old in this picture.

Cori has her leading well and getting used to the saddle.

Hopefully, Cori's mom doesn't mind us using her saddle.

Oh Lucky Day!

Not only did we have time to bath "Z" but we managed to get

some pictures taken before she rolled and got all dirty.

Zetahra 006.jpg (73273 bytes)
Zetahra is five months old here.

She is 50 inches tall and weighs 510 pounds now.

Her mane, tail and foot feathering are all coming in nicely.

Zetahra 007.jpg (80667 bytes)
Zetahra 008.jpg (46444 bytes) Happy Birthday!

Zetahra turned 1 year old so it was time for a bath

and some pictures.

Zetahra 009.jpg (64789 bytes) Zetahra is 54 inches (13.3 hands) tall and weighs about 750 pounds.

She definately has a draft horse rearend.