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Horse Soccer

C.E.R.T. riding instruction utilizes numerous activities to help

riders develop their skills.

"Horse soccer" and "broom polo" are two activities which

students can engage in while riding the horses.

These activities are safe and a lot of fun.



Horse Soccer is a growing equine sport.

There are even formal leagues throughout the country.

It is similar to normal soccer, with teams moving the ball on a field

while trying to  score goals.

Except in horse soccer the riders move the horses and the horses moves the ball.

It takes patience, persistence and a good riding ability to play the sport.

C.E.R.T. students can play once they've reached the posting and trotting phase of riding.


Soccer Ball 001.jpg (39271 bytes)

C.E.R.T.'s horse soccer ball is blue and yellow.

The horses love playing with it.

The soccer ball is much bigger than a regular ball.

It's fourty inches high.

Soccer Ball 002.jpg (65728 bytes)

Soccer Ball 003.jpg (50295 bytes)

Emma and Chewy showing how it's done.

Charm-N likes to play.

Soccer Ball 004.jpg (37921 bytes)



Horse Broom Polo is a great exercise also.

It teaches the students balance and to control the horse with more than just reins.

Broom polo is similar to horse soccer in that it uses a field with goals and a ball.

But the riders hit the ball with the brooms and direct the horses where to go.

Since the rider is carrying the broom they often use their legs and feet to direct the horse.

C.E.R.T. students can play once they're comfortable riding in the saddle.