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"Driving" is the term used when horses are pulling carts, wagons and other items.

The "driver" sits and the horse(s) pull.


Four-up 001.jpg (82666 bytes)

Four abreast hitch of Clydesdales.



C.E.R.T. has four horses which are trained to drive.

We also have 2 wheel and 4 wheel carts and carriages.

When driving, horses are refered to as a "hitch".


Below is a list of the different hitch classes:

Single - one horse pulling a cart.

Double / Pair / Team hitch - two horses pulling side by side.

Unicorn hitch - three horses pulling.
Pyramid shape.

Four Abreast hitch - four horses pulling side by side.

Four Up hitch - four horses pulling.
Two in lead and two behind.

Six Up hitch - Six horses pulling.

Eight Up hitch - eight horses pulling.

Ten Up hitch - a lot of horses pulling.


Driving is a lot of fun.

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Pictures of our Meadowbrook cart:

When we bought this cart it needed to be refinished.

Chris chose John Deere Green and Yellow and

Cori went to work painting it.


Cart 001.jpg (73770 bytes)

It turned out great!

We'll eventually redo the seats in Yellow as well.

Cart 002.jpg (75932 bytes)


Wagonette001.jpg (67851 bytes) We bought this wagonette in 2012.

It will work great for the Draft horses.