Travel Pictures




Below are some pictures from our 2011 Utah winter trip.

We were worried when we arrived.

The canyon had very little snow and the waterfalls were running.

Temperature: 40 degrees.

Heber 2011001.jpg (173940 bytes)
Heber 2011002.jpg (43139 bytes) One of the neighbors had removed this from the roof.

An ice cicle over five feet long!

Wow - it was big and cold.

The only thing missing were the Christmas decorations. Heber 2011003.jpg (74934 bytes)
Heber 2011004.jpg (91186 bytes) The weather turned really cold on us.

Notice the time and the Temperature.

This day it was  - 22F at the summit.

The day before was even colder.

And of course we were still snowmobiling.

Crazy Arizonans!


Most of the snow was light, dry and powdery.

Poor for building a snowman.

But Cori filled in as one for us.

She couldn't raise her arms any more - it was too heavy.

Heber 2011005.jpg (124898 bytes)
Heber 2011006.jpg (156019 bytes) Poor trail groomer - didn't know what hit him.

He only had two bucks on him so Cori's attempt at a

makeshift train robbery was disappointing.

This is a grooming machine. It creates the trails and keeps them smooth.

The driver thought it was funny that Chris was actually taking a picture of it.

Chris wished he had the drivers job.

Heber 2011007.jpg (103614 bytes)
Heber 2011008.jpg (46659 bytes) We left in a snow storm.

The Little Rig had 3 inches of snow on him.

Most of it stayed on for about 3 and a half hours into the drive.

Heber 2011009.jpg (154370 bytes) We tried a different way home.

Between Cedar City and Kanab we found this quaint road trail.

Plenty of frozen waterfalls along the way.

This rocky mountain picture was too cool to pass up.

The picture doesn't do the rocks justice.

Notice the iced over pine trees at the top.


Heber 2011010.jpg (88453 bytes)


Below are pictures from our 2010 snow adventure.

Heber 002.jpg (28470 bytes) Chris snowmobiling near the ranch in Utah.
Heber 003.jpg (63471 bytes) Cori also snowmobiling.
Heber 007.jpg (34101 bytes) This was the view from the top of the summit.
Heber 004.jpg (33144 bytes) Cori says "look at all this stuff"!
Heber 005.jpg (46480 bytes) Frozen waterfalls.

Look really closely and you'll see the two guys getting ready

to climb them.

Heber 006.jpg (21192 bytes) This was the view as we headed home.