Welcome to Lemyes.

29/9/06- New updates, primarily in the People section concerning the Clamon and Klezmier. There has been some information added concerning the types as well as the reference sheets for them.

Lemyes is the oldest of my three current planet projects (the other two being Kashian and Tae-Kahn). It was intially created in the Fall of 1999 and went under a revamp in 2003. It's taken quite a turn since it's initial conception, but it's been for the better of the project. Recently it went through a name change from Lemies to Lemyes to maintain consistancy with the rules I've set up for spelling names.

Here you will find information and art relating to Lemyes and all things therein. For less organized information (but more than is currently available on the site) please visit the Lemyes LJ Community.