Jydske Hest

Jutland Horse Breeding Program


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We don't breed horses, but we do dream.

Cori's dream is to one day have a Jutland (yoot-land) horse breeding program.

The Jutland or " Jydske Hest" is a Danish breed and the official horse of Denmark.

Jutlands are medium sized draft horses with broad chests, and short strong backs.

They are energetic and have an alert and willing temperment.

Jutlands are usually chestnut in color and have a light mane and tail.

Black or brown colored Jutlands are possible, but rare.

Jutland's are between 15 and 16 hands tall.

They weigh between 1700 and 2000 pounds.



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The Jutland draft horse.


Our Jutland breeding program would consist of two stallions and six mares.

We would name the stallions "Tank" and "Buddha".

With six mares and two stallions we could create quite a nice herd of Jutlands.



Below is a picture of a Jutland Foal.

We're guessing it's about six months old.


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