Horse Shade



We built a new home for the horses in 2009 / 2010.

The facility consists of three covered 12' x 12' stalls, one 12' x 24' stall, one 16' x 24' stall

and a 12' x 12' storage area.

Each stall is complete with automatic waterer and lights.

Below are some pictures.


Horse Shade 001.jpg (46428 bytes) We're just starting to put on the roof.
Horse Shade 002.jpg (45958 bytes) Each stall section is 12' x 12'.
Horse Shade 003.jpg (52488 bytes) We call this stall row. Some painting still

needs to be done.

Horse Shade 004.jpg (49534 bytes) Yeah! The shade is done.
Horse Shade 005.jpg (62780 bytes) Phase II Begins: The fencing goes up.
Horse Shade 006.jpg (80515 bytes) Ruby's and Panda's stalls are ready to go.
Horse Shade 007.jpg (86053 bytes) Phase III: The water line trenching

is completed.

Horse Shade 008.jpg (79138 bytes) The water line is in.

We built up the stalls 6 inches above

ground level to prevent water flooding.

Horse Shade 009.jpg (50135 bytes) Kash says WoW!
Horse Shade 010.jpg (58082 bytes) Ruby says this is all mine!
Horse Shade 011.jpg (81901 bytes) The water line is secured!

Ruby and Panda say let's celebrate -

"where's the food!"

Horse Shade 012.jpg (78046 bytes) Phase IV: Stalls for Chewy, Kash, and Kitt.

We installed the permanent panels and

gates for the three west stalls.

Chris got to use the new paint sprayer!

The stalls turned out great.

Ruby and Panda will continue to have

the moveable panels.

Horse Shade 013.jpg (24337 bytes) Phase V: Lights

Each stall now has lights.

We even put in some outlets so the

horses could plug in their iPods and Laptops.

No twitter accounts yet though!

Horse Shade 014.jpg (52029 bytes) Fancy!

Just a little painting left to do.

Looks like Kitt's food is ready to go.