Horse Colors


Horses come in a variety of colors.

Below are basic color and marking information.

Many of the colors have variations. such as light, dark, or in between.

This page will just focus on the basics.

We've included pictures as well.


For a more thorough explanation of horse colors

we recommend you get a book, because horse coloring is very complex.


Note: The pictures below are for reference only.
They've been collected from other websites and horse classified ads simply to show colors.






Just as the name states. Black everywhere.

This is Hedzer, Panda's man.

Color-Black.jpg (15175 bytes)



Brown or reddish body.
Black mane, tail, legs, and muzzle.

Color-Bay.jpg (17780 bytes)



A black horse that has brown on the muzzle,
flank and belly.

Color-Brown.jpg (16426 bytes)



White hair and black skin.
They are born one color and turn grey
with age. Eventually they turn white.

Most white horses are usually grey
although they appear white.

The famous Lippizaner's from austria and
"Shadowfax" from the Lord of the Rings are
considered grey.

Color-Grey.gif (82660 bytes)



Similar to Bay. Dark mane, tail, leg, muzzle.
They often have a dorsal stripe down the back and
"stripes" on the shoulders, and legs.

Color-Dun.jpg (19980 bytes)



Red orange to dark brown color.
Entire body is one color and mane may be
a little darker or lighter.

Color-Chestnut.jpg (15602 bytes)



A chestnut horse with light color mane,
tail, legs and belly.

Color-Sorrel.jpg (19657 bytes)



Yellow colored body with black mane,
tail, and legs.

Color-Buckskin.jpg (21856 bytes)



White hair mixed with the normal coat color.
The legs and face usually retain the normal color.

Color-Roan.jpg (30589 bytes)



A "black version" of Dun.
They are usually blueish gray to brownish gray
in color.
They have a dark mane, tail, legs, and muzzle.

Color-Grulla.jpg (31832 bytes)



White horses have pink skin over the entire body.
They also have normal colored eyes.
True white horses are extremely rare.

However, there are many horses that appear white.
These "lighter horses" usually have blue eyes.
Cremello and Perlino can both  appear to be white.

Pinto, if it has has so much white it's other color is lost,
could also be called white.

Color-White.jpg (16634 bytes)







Big white "spots" on the body.

Pinto has three variations:
Tobiano, Overo and Sabino.

Color-Pinto.jpg (22319 bytes)


Pinto - Tobiano:

White coming downward
from the top of the back.
Legs are white but face is normal color.

Color-Tobiano.jpg (17884 bytes)


Pinto - Overo:

White "across" the body, but not on the back.

Color-Overo.jpg (16000 bytes)


Pinto - Sabino:

Belly and face are "splashed" in white.

Color-Sabino.jpg (20344 bytes)



What is Paint?

A paint is actually a breed of horse. It is Pinto based in color.

Paint horses which don't have Pinto markings are called "breeding stock."

Paint horses are usually from Thoroughbred or Quarter Horse lines.