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Adventures in Riding


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"Pairs Driving - Drafts" by Cori Trout.   c.2010




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C.E.R.T. is based at the Trout's Corral.

The San Tan Regional Park is 5 miles to the south.
It features many horseback riding trails.

The Horseshoe Park Equestrian Center is located 2 miles to the north.
It features numerous arenas and will soon offer an extensive trail system.

Westworld, the host of The Arabian horse show and many numerous equine events,
is just 45 minutes away in Scottsdale.

C.E.R.T. students visit the events, shows, and other activities they all offer.

Students have all kinds of fun.


The pictures on this page and the following ones show students riding, driving,

attending shows and other equine related events.



CarouselShow001.jpg (50571 bytes) The 2012 Carousel Charity Horse Show was Great.
A lot of students were able to attend.
They even brought some friends.



The 2010 Arizona Draft Horse Show was a blast.

We had a big turnout of past and present students.

They all enjoyed watching the big horses.

We enjoyed the opportunity to teach and to see old faces.


To see some of the pictures click the "draft show" button above.



The Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show, 2010.

We are still trying to get the instructor

to take pictures.

Arab Show 001.jpg (53259 bytes)



Arab show 002.jpg (64814 bytes) Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show, 2011

The students enjoyed their trip.

The instructor is signing up for photography lessons.

Some of the students enjoying the Reining class.

Next time we'll ask the rider to take the picture so we

can see the students faces!

Arab show 003.jpg (57970 bytes)



Chewy's Party 001.jpg (88828 bytes) Chewy's 20th Birthday Party was GREAT!

She was very excited and happy to see so many people come to celebrate.

One of the parents even brought her a birthday bow.

There was a large turnout. We estimated over 50 people came to celebrate with Chewy.

Plenty of cake, carrots and apples, but we ran out of rootbeer.

We think Chewy was drinking when nobody was looking.

Chewy's Party 002.jpg (71990 bytes)
Chewy's Party 003.jpg (65108 bytes) Some more of the partiers.

If you look closely you can see Festus.

He always seems to know when the students are around.

Chewy says "who's next Cori?"

Everyone got to have their picture taken with Chewy.

Chewy was very glad everyone came and hopes they all had fun.

Chewy's Party 004.jpg (71060 bytes)