2011 Travel Pictures



Below are some pictures from our 2011 trips.


August 2011


On the trail we discovered this Deer.

When we came back down the trail

she popped up less than 15 feet from Charm-N and Chris.

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We spied this Red Tailed Hawk near the trail.

Charm-N and Chris got to heard cattle along the trail.

There was a black cow and baby that Charm-N was very

interested in.

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Cori riding Cinnamon near the Willow Creek.

Chris riding Charm-N.

For her first time in the area she did awesome.

- Once we got her used to crossing running water -

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We caught this scene heading home.

Someone forgot their skateboard and

thought the truck could substitute nicley.



June / July  2011


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As we headed out of Phoenix we caught these balloons.

When we arrived in the canyon we found plenty of water.

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Charm-N was anxious to see us.

Until we took her away from the food.

Willow Creek was running fast and hard.

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The Strawberry Reservoir was more than full.

Charm-N tried to get out of working

by hiding in the pasture.

Luckily we were able to find her.

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Charm-N did excellent on the trails.

She loved seeing everything.

This is the Oquirrh (O-kur) Temple.

It's not an easy building to photograph.

It's very tall.

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The snow runoff was excellent this year.

Lakes and rivers were almost to capacity.

We saw a rafter heading for this bridge afterwards.

Hope he stopped before he got there.

Snapped this pic near Sundance ski resort.

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Cori and Ebony on one of our trail rides.

Near the Strawberry Reservoir.

Cori was wishing she could ride the good horse.

So she and Charm-N got to explore.

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Charm-N and Cori after a hard days ride.

The Draper Temple.

It took forever for the clouds to align, the people to leave and

the sun to set just right.

Luckily we drove by just as it all came together.

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Friends of Cori's Grandparents

own these big horns.